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See Max Screen Fast Fold

See Max Screen Fast Fold
Kategori Screen FAST FOLD, Screen SEEMAX
Stok Hubungi Kami
Di lihat 1241 kali
Harga Rp 17.820.000
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See Max fast Fold

(Layar Proyektor Lipat)

dengan Rangka Alumunium, Tampilan Front-Rear, Installasi Mudah dan Praktis, dapat dipindahkan karena dilengkapi Kemasan Peti beroda.


Aluminum alloy frame
The frame is made of aluminum alloy and is easy to fold store.
Locking device
Designed locking mechanism provides a flat screen surface when snapping the fabric on.
Installation is easy
it can be completely concealed into its container when not in use. No parts need to be dismantled, and can be teken down or set ups without tools.
Hard proctective box
and size are equipped with special reinforcement explosionproof transport box.
Frame Size
32mm for sreen size up 200″.
Custom size is available
A wide range of uses
Ideal for situations on the move: exhibitions, entertainment venues, etc.
Screen selection
The special curtain material, bring you enjoy perfect picture.



Product Type
See Max Screen ES-F150WBi,150″ (3040 x 2280) Rp 17.050.000,-
See Max Screen ES-F200WBi,200″ (4060 x 3040) Rp 22.100.000,-
See Max Screen ES-F300WBi,300″ (6090 x 4570) Rp 58.950.000,-

* Kami juga menerima jasa pemasangan layar Proyektor, Bracket maupun Projector

Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp 10.500.000
Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp 935.000
Rp 798.000
Rp 2.580.000