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IQ Board ABI E-Tablet

IQ Board ABI E-Tablet
Kategori Interactive Board
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IQ Board ABI  E-Tablet

ABI E-Tablet
can be used as a stand alone virtual interactive whiteboard or used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard
to complement the board and to give the presenter freedom to walk away from the board while remaining in control.

The E-Tablet uses ultrasonic technology to capture the pen strokes or cursor actions, and is connected to the PC by wireless RF. RF ensures the PC will receive the signal from anywhere in the room.

E-Tablet has a number of “hot key” icons linked to the ABI Active-Touch software to conveniently access board functions by pressing the hot key.

This is easier than accessing the software control panel to change function. You  can change the icon to an alternative function if you prefer. E-Tablet makes a great partner for your ABI interactive whiteboard! Active-Touch  software is included.


  • „Wireless Frequency : 2.4 GHz RF
  • Wireless Transfer Rate : 1.0 Mbps (single user); 2.0 Mbps (multi user)
  • Writing Area : 250x200mm (10”x8”)
  • Effective Transmission Distance : >20m
  • Connection : Standard USB Connection


  • Positioning Technology : Ultrasonic
  • Pen Buttons : One button (for right click function)
  • Size : 140mm x 15.5mm diameter
  • Battery Power : 1.5V AG13 x 3
  • Report Rate : 62 points/second
  • Positioning Precision : 0.1mm

Writing Board

  • „Board size : 315 x 255 x 20mm
  • Weight : 200g
  • Battery Power : 2 x AAA (1.5V) batteries; 30 hours consecutive use
  • LEDs : Working LED (green);flickers while writing Low power LED (red) when power is low
  • Buttons : Reset Power on/off; 18 “hot keys” for application operation
  • Included with E-tablet :
    Writing board, USB Receiver (dongle), Pen, AAA battery x 4,
    AG13 battery x 3, ball pen refill x 3, stylus refill x 1,
    Clamp, USB extension cable, Manual, Software CD
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