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See Max Classic Octagon Manual Screen

See Max Classic Octagon Manual Screen
Kategori Screen SEEMAX
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See Max Classic Octagon Manual Screen

(Layar Proyector Manual)


Installation is easy
Adjustable floating L-Bracket make ceiling or wall installation extremely easy.
Flexible adjustment
Simple clip on isntallation is even adjustable left to right.
Speed control device
Patented safe and free screen controlled return and sel-position locking mechanism provides more safety insurance.
Screen selection
Matt white or high contrast Grey matt screen fabric is optional


ProductSeemax Classic Octagon Manual Screen Price
Seemax Screen CO-P70x70Si, 1:1, 70″x70″ (1780×1780) Rp.2.600.000,-
Seemax Screen CO-P84x84Si, 1:1, 84″x84″ (2030×2030) Rp.4.550.000,-
Seemax Screen CO-P96x96Si, 1:1, 96″x96″ (2340×2340) Rp.4.680.000,-
Manual Wall Screen 70


Rp 475.000 835.000
Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp (Hubungi CS)
Rp 935.000
Rp 798.000
Rp 2.580.000